Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds pool money from several investors to invest in other financial instruments. SEBI makes the policies for mutual funds and regulates the entire industry, making it very safe and pro-investors. Guidelines have been strictly laid and the mutual fund schemes are extensively and objectively researched by the fund managers. Mutual funds provide economies of scale, a higher level of diversification, liquidity, good returns, and are managed by professional fund managers.

With over 12000 overall mutual fund schemes offered by 43 different asset management companies, including over 2000 primary mutual fund schemes, choosing the right fund is highly tricky.


“Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing”
- Warren Buffet

Leave the investment decisions to the experts at Wealth Central

Wealth Central, with its smart technology, sassy portal, sensible advisors and a sound research team handholds and guides you through the process, alleviating your doubts and fears, so you can meet your financial goals and live a prosperous life! Wealth Central has a robust method in place to ensure that every investment proposal is customized to suit your risk appetite, goals, needs and requirements, and investment horizon. Other factors such as tax savings, income generation, and a stable financial future are also taken into consideration.

The most cost-effective means of investing and a perfect solution for anyone who wants to hold stock, without doing research!

Professional Management
Economies of Scale
Ease of Transacting

Why should you have an Advisor instead of doing it using ‘Direct Mode’?

Wealth Central and our financial advisors have both the knowledge and the time to provide an in-depth unbiased guidance on investment products that are best suited for achieving your financial goals. Unfortunately, it is a very common tendency, especially in India, for people (even those who do not understand the market) to not have financial advisors and to believe that they can manage their own money better.

Wealth Central has the right tools, the time, the initiative in helping you decide everything, and a much better grasp of the market’s pulse. Wealth Central also keeps reviewing your investments to make it grow the way you want it to. Wealth Central is a neutral expert, not affiliated to any one fund or bank, who can therefore, call it as it is and provide expert consultancy service to our only stakeholder - you.

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Why Wealth Central

Expert Research Team with Proven Results
Dedicated and Certified Investment Advisor
Professional and Customized Solutions
Transparent and Unbiased Advice
Save Time and Money
Strategic Multi-asset Allocation & Portfolio
Periodic Review and Rebalancing
User-friendly Smart Website Portal
Hassle-free Easy Transaction Process