IPO, Bonds and Corporate Fixed Deposits


Every company needs money to grow and expand. An initial public offering (IPO) is a company's first public invitation in the stock market - the first time it sells its shares to the public and thereby raises money for growth and expansion. Investment in an IPO is a very tricky proposition and requires a lot of thorough research, prior to investment. Wealth Central assists you in doing this research, and tries to make investing easy for you! We do objective research about the company background, future prospects, valuation, usage of raised fund, possibility of over-subscription and cautious steps to handle it, and then match the results of the research with your needs, risk appetite, possible investment horizon, and return expectation and suggest the IPO that would best suit you.


If past history was all that is needed to play the game of money, the richest people would be librarians
- Warren Buffet

History doesn’t dictate the future. Choose a smart advisor to guide you to it!


Bonds and Commercial Papers are a form of borrowing, and are typically issued by the government and listed companies. If a company issues a CP, the money they receive in return is a loan, and must be repaid over time. They tend to be less volatile and therefore provide stability, safety of the principal and augment portfolio consistency by counterbalancing high-risk investments. Bonds and CPs are a safe and conservative form of investment that provides periodic interest income, predictable stream of income even when the markets perform poorly, and reasonably good liquidity, because the bond market is huge and active. In order to check the credit quality and safety of the CP issuances, Wealth Central analyses and researches the data provided by the rating agencies and others, to ensure that you earn maximum returns in the form of regular interest plus the face value amount, on maturity.


Non Convertible Debentures are issued by a company to raise money from the public for a specific tenure, and in return the company pays a fixed interest on the investment amount. The tenure of the debentures is offered in four options - monthly, quarterly, annual and cumulative interest. NCD can be secured or unsecured. Secured NCDs are backed by the Company’s assets to fulfill the debt obligation, unlike the unsecured debentures which carry higher risk. NCDs cannot be converted into shares. On maturity, principal amount along with interest (no TDS on interest)would be paid by the company to the investor. Wealth Central assists you in identifying the NCDs that offer better risk adjusted returns, and that suit your need by analyzing its ratings, liquidity and other performance factors.

“Never depend on single income. Make investments to create a second source”
- Warren Buffet


A Corporate Fixed Deposit is an investment in a company for a fixed period at a prescribed rate of interest. Companies use corporate fixed deposits to raise debt for their operations. Generally these deposits pay a higher interest rate than bank deposits. Wealth Central assists you in determining safe and profitable means of investment based on the yield and other company’s performance related information.


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