Corporate Team Events

As You Sow, So Shall You Reap

Sow the seeds of confidence, loyalty and teamwork by creating awareness of your unlimited potential and talent, with our events that have a mix of fun, learning and competition...

Reap the rewards of better performance, better working environment, better competitive spirit, better self-recognition and more, from your now highly motivated employees!

Wealth Central's Event Management Team applies proven human behavior techniques to build team unity in an effective way. All our activities and events are designed to boost the self-confidence of the individual and the cohesion of a team, and increase morale, communication, and cooperation. Our activities are the very definition of fun as they are non-personal and subtly motivational! Our participants discover various individual and group strengths with our select indoor and outdoor team building challenges.

Our Full Day Team Events

Development of your team is an investment, and Wealth Central's full day team events include games, events and parties (obviously, fun!) that are designed with passion and creativity. With a combination of intellectual, physical and skill-based games, our events enhance group team cooperation, creativity, leadership, and intellectual abilities that otherwise take time to develop. A typical full day event would comprise of many smaller events (that you can choose from around 100 different activities) such as:



With around 4 to 6 participants in each team, this interesting game drives the team to act in unison - unless everyone lifts and moves their feet forward at the same time, they cannot move forward!


Together We Can

With around 10 to 30 participants in each team, this activity requires focus from each participant - the given cup of water should be passed on and poured in to the measuring container with speed and accuracy!



With multiple participants in each team, this activity has many variations, and challenges the participants to use their design and quirky engineering skills, problem solving abilities and lateral thinking to construct a working rollercoaster that can carry a ball up and down using momentum, also signifying the ups and downs of a business cycle or economy!


Chain Reaction

With around 8 to 12 participants in each team, this challenge unites team members who work towards one common goal - to bring to life a series of cascading inventions from unique and fascinating resources provided to them!


Hexagon Heights

With a small team size, the members of the team race against the clock to complete this stimulating, fun and confidence building challenge - to build a tower with steady hands using the given hexagon metal props.


Circus Skills

With around 4 to 6 different challenges, and with multiple participants, this is a fun segment that ensures that each challenge is unique in its own way. With each challenge having a time factor, the members of the team race against the clock to complete them. Some activities are bizarre while some others are breathtaking. From juggling, to plate spinning, to human pyramids to block building - these activities improve effective cross-team working, individual self-worth and create an overall positive attitude

"In the world of business , the people who are most successful are those who are doing what they love"
- Warren Buffet


The Big Picture

With around 6 to 10 participants in each team, this fun exercise creates a sense of shared identity, and also creates a connection with the organization. With a giant canvas and acrylic paints, the team is required to bring to life their organizational/ business/ work-culture related themes and messages, based on a pre-prepared graphical illustration. Planning and organizing skills, creativity, collective ideas and team dynamics are exhibited by the participants while creating the massive and impressive art - the ‘big picture’ is always seen and realized!


Catapult Catch

With multiple two-member teams, this exercise involving basic physics is incredibly flexible to suit various teams, and brings out the ingenuity, creativity and physical team task building ability of each member.


The Giant Fix

With around 6 to 10 participants in each team, this time based activity with multiple puzzles requiring a fix, brings out excellent eye-for-detail, problem solving skills, lateral thinking and enhances group cooperation and ability to function under pressure.


Need For Speed

With multiple participants in each team, this activity tests the participants on their lateral thinking, dexterity, problem solving skills, and their ability to work as a team under pressure. Every team member should strategize, plan and execute, while also observing the developments made by others, as various funny and freakish challenges are to be completed ‘simultaneously’ by various members of each team!.


Roll The Ball

With around 6 to 10 participants in each team, this activity is just about rolling the ball! Sounds simple but it is not! In both the indoor as well as the outdoor variant, it challenges the members to exhibit team discipline, focus and understanding to work as a single team as well as to work in sub-teams within a team


Flow Chart

Nope! Not the flowchart you are thinking. With around 8 to 12 participants in each team, this challenge requires the members to work in consensus - to combine and paste multiple charts and make a huge walkway that goes with the flow!

“In the world of business , the people who are most successful are those who are doing what they love
- Warren Buffet

Our Half Day Exclusive Events

If you want a quick motivational event amidst your busy workdays, and you cannot take an entire day or weekend off, we have two 3-hour events that are designed just for you!



Our fire-walking event is a metaphor for a new way of “walking through life”
Fire-walking - the act of walking barefoot across a bed of glowing embers, has been practiced for almost 4000 years across the globe in many cultures and religions with the purpose of empowerment and healing. We bring this ancient tradition to the corporate world as it profoundly impacts the human psyche and changes perception dramatically!

Why Walk on Fire?

  • All of us have incredible potential and the fire walk is one of the most effective and powerful methods known today to realize and learn the unveiling of that potential,every single moment of our life.
  • Our beliefs and limited confidence levels hold us down. This event helps break through this barrier and create positive attitude and greater confidence levels

What Does It Do?

  • Learn to confront and overcome your fears and phobias
  • Understand how something as powerful as fire can change your perception of the world around you
  • Achieve the impossible and heighten your motivation levels
  • Believe in the power that you possess to face any challenge life may throw at you
  • Move out of self-created comfort zones and stretch beyond the boundaries you set for yourself
  • Enhance your ability to handle pressure by understanding the principles of success in life

Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine

Our Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine event is a metaphor for building “winning teams”
Turn in to a cowboy, adorning hats and colorful bandanas, to set out on the quest to mine gold! With a map, grubstakes of resource cards, planning tools along with information about the exercise, participants mine as much gold as they can and maximize ROI. The key to the game is to work together and have fun - collaborating and NOT competing, as that forms the basis of the challenge!


Why Search for Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine?

  • To initiate the development of a positive attitude towards change
  • To create a collaborative environment to achieve a common goal as a TEAM

What Does It Do?

  • Understand and practice forecasting and goal-focused strategic planning
  • Learn the importance of processes and reporting
  • Align the team towards a common organizational vision
  • Initiate a responsible environment for active collaboration
  • Realize the importance of gathering and using information to solve problems
  • Motivate people and re-energize the organization