Retirement Planner

How Much Should You Save Every Month For a Comfortable Lifestyle Post Retirement?

Using the Retirement Planner: Key in all the existing financial information, along with the estimated time available, the expected inflation and returns to plan and know how much you should invest every month to have a comfortable retired life. The post-retirement returns can be lower in case you want safer forms of investments as you age, or can be the same as now, or higher depending on your willingness to take risks. Ideally you can expect around 8- 10% if you are a conservative investor; around 10-12% if you are a balanced investor; 12-15% if you are moderately aggressive and 15-20% if you are an aggressive risk taker. This is only an indication and actual returns would vary based on various other factors. Get in touch with our investment advisor to know more.

Min. Amount 5,000
Min. Amount 0
Min. Age 18 Years Yr(s)
Min. Age 40 Years Yr(s)
Min. Age 40 Years Yr(s)