Financial Training and Soft Skills Workshops

Training & Workshops

Wealth Central’s courses are less academic, and more knowledge-oriented, to make sure that the learner understands all the important concepts to excel in the chosen industry. With a strong emphasis on amalgamating the theoretical knowledge with related practical experiences, our programs are developed to offer various real-world experiences and create job-ready professionals who can add immediate value to any organization. At the end of our course, the learner feels confident and knowledgeable.

Our instructors have high level of industrial experience, and provide training either at our well-designed classroom environment for optimal learning, or at your choice of location in case the number of participants are more than twenty. Our instructors design our customized curriculum and provide quick query resolution and post training support as well. Our curriculum is split in to multiple topics for easier understanding, and each topic is followed by quizzes and assignments that help internalize key concepts.

Finance and Investment Market Training Topics: Basic Level


Key concepts and its application - economic growth, GDP, aggregate demand, inflation, money supply, monetary policy, fiscal policy etc and its impact in capital markets industry

Mutual Funds - Equity Funds

Understand the types & characteristics of equity funds, risk factors, suitability, understanding different investment needs, risk-return trade-off

Mutual Funds - Debt Funds

Understand the types & characteristics of debt funds, understanding fixed income securities, building a debt fund portfolio, positioning debt and hybrid funds based on suitability and investment needs

Debt Markets

Understand long and short-term debt markets, secondary market trading, Money market characteristics and instruments like debt instruments, bonds, government securities, corporate bonds and debentures.

Equity Markets

Primary markets, secondary markets, risk reward ratios, market indicators

Deposits and Bonds

Understand types, characteristics, risk factors etc and learn to evaluate bond market, corporate fixed income products, specialized bonds, and government bonds; compare bond and deposit markets to make an informed decision

Banking and Capital Markets

Introduction to equity markets, debt markets, mutual funds and derivatives along with this application and concepts

Preparation for Mutual Fund Distributors (MFD) Certification Examination

Training for the NISM's MFD examination certification that aims to enhance the quality of sales, distribution and related support services in the mutual fund industry

“The most important investment you can make is in yourself”
- Warren Buffet

Finance and Investment Market Training Topics: Advanced Level

Mutual Funds

Understanding the product matrix, Product comparisons, fund positioning, measuring fund returns, interpreting risk-return profile associated with different types of mutual funds, impact on funds during market fluctuations

Reading Mutual Fund Factsheets

Basic concepts, portfolio aspects of equity funds & debt funds, analyzing fund performance, details of loads and expenses, understanding concepts like alpha, beta etc

Debt Markets

Concepts and analysis - short-term rates, yields and bond valuation, yield curve shifts, credit spreads, economic indicators, impact of duration, interest rate risk, credit risk etc

Currencies and Commodities

Understanding the operations and dynamics of currencies - the largest financial market in the world; and commodities - that facilitate investment trade in hundreds of primary commodities.

Equity Markets 1

Equity analysis tools / techniques, value types and valuation methods (cash flow based method, market indicator based tools, absolute valuation, relative valuation)

Equity Markets 2

Fundamental analysis, financial statement analysis, technical analysis


Structure, features, products, creation of portfolios and positioning of PMS products

Credit Rating

Understanding credit rating process, symbols, significance, rating upgrade and downgrade, credit quality and rating stability relationship, understanding trends in credit ratios

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you will do things differently”
- Warren Buffet

Soft Skills Training

Communication Skills

Presentation Skills

Business Etiquette

Customer / Client Servicing

Crisis Management

Decision Making

Emotional Intelligence

Problem Solving

Interpersonal Skills

“Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree along time ago ” - Warren Buffet

Leadership & Management

Mentoring & Coaching Skills

Team Bonding / Building

Stress Management

Time Management

Negotiation Skills

Listening Skills

Motivation Skills

Conflict Resolution