Mutual Fund AMC Synopsis

With close to 50 Asset Management Companies, and multiple funds offered by each of these Companies, it is very tough to curate and select a mutual fund. We have provided this information to understand further details about each AMC. This list is only for illustrative purposes and is not favorable to any particular AMC, or a suggestion for your investment.

Fund House Inception
Total Assets
(Rs .Cr)
Open Ended Close Ended Fund House
As on Date
Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Ltd 5-Sep-94 249,507.48 49 109 Joint Venture Indian 30-Jun-18
AXIS Asset Management Co. LTd 13-Jan-09 79,252.20 24 29 Indian Private 30-Jun-18
Baroda Pioneer Asset Management Company Ltd 5-Nov-92 12,240.30 15 Joint Venture Foreign 30-Jun-18
BNP Paribas Asset Management (India) Pvt Ltd 4-Nov-03 8,059.65 15 Foreign 30-Jun-18
BOI AXA Investment Managers Private Limited 13-Aug-07 5,692.02 11 3 Joint Venture Indian 30-Jun-18
Canara Robeco Asset Management Company Ltd 2-Mar-93 13,374.58 18 5 Joint Venture Indian 30-Jun-18
DHFL Pramerica Asset Managers Private Ltd 24-Sep-08 23,137.16 23 46 Joint Ventures-others 30-Jun-18
DSP BlackRock Asset Management Company Ltd 13-May-96 89,403.85 34 46 Joint Venture Indian 30-Jun-18
Edelweiss Asset Mgt Ltd 23-Aug-07 12,501.60 25 6 Indian Private 30-Jun-18
Essel Finance AMC Limited 9-Apr-09 1,789.90 12 Indian Private 30-Jun-18
Franklin Templeton Asset Management (I) Pvt.Ltd. 6-Oct-95 105,403.49 39 14 Foreign 30-Jun-18
HDFC Asset Management Company Ltd 10-Dec-99 307,082.20 40 114 Joint Venture Indian 30-Jun-18
HSBC Asset Management (India) Pvt. Ltd 12-Dec-01 11,336.42 19 13 Joint Venture Foreign 30-Jun-18
ICICI Prudential Asset Management Co Ltd 22-Jun-93 310,561.29 59 300 Joint Venture Indian 30-Jun-18
IDBI Asset Management Ltd 25-Jan-10 10,574.37 20 1 Others 30-Jun-18
IDFC Asset Management Company Ltd 20-Dec-99 69,840.97 32 29 Joint Venture Indian 30-Jun-18
IIFCL Asset Management Ltd 14-Oct-14 645.66 Institutions Indian 30-Jun-18
IL&FS Infra Asset Management Ltd 14-Oct-14 1,473.40 Indian Private 30-Jun-18
Indiabulls Asset Management Co.Ltd 10-Apr-08 7,992.42 10 4 Indian Private 30-Jun-18
Indian Infoline Asset Management co.Ltd 22-Mar-10 1,257.08 3 2 Indian Private 30-Jun-18
Invesco Asset Management (India) Pvt Ltd 20-May-05 24,931.87 27 19 Foreign 30-Jun-18
JM Financial Asset Management Private Limited 9-Jun-94 12,072.94 15 3 Indian Private 30-Jun-18
Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company Ltd 5-Aug-94 127,829.93 36 77 Indian Private 30-Jun-18
L&T Investment Management Ltd 25-Apr-96 71,118.29 26 27 Indian Private 30-Jun-18
LIC Mutual Fund Asset Mgmt Ltd 20-Apr-94 20,411.22 21 3 Institutions Indian 30-Jun-18
Mahindra Asset Management company Pvt Ltd 4-Feb-16 3,960.67 8 Indian Private 30-Jun-18
Mirae Asset Global Investment Management I Pvt Ltd 20-Nov-06 19,177.73 10 Foreign 30-Jun-18
Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company Limited 14-Nov-08 19,263.60 10 Indian Private 30-Jun-18
PPFAS Asset Management Pvt Ltd 8-Aug-11 1,098.71 2 Indian Private 30-Jun-18
Principal PNB Asset Management Company 20-Nov-91 7,418.07 22 8 Joint Venture Foreign 30-Jun-18
Quant Money Managers Limited 1-Dec-95 175.98 13 Indian Private 30-Jun-18
Quantum Asset Management Company Pvt Ltd 19-Sep-05 1,260.73 9 Indian Private 30-Jun-18
Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management Ltd 24-Feb-95 241,096.01 55 201 Indian Private 30-Jun-18
Sahara Asset Management Company Ltd 31-Aug-95 59.48 11 Indian Private 30-Jun-18
SBI Funds Management Ltd 7-Feb-92 233,474.15 47 63 Joint Venture Indian 30-Jun-18
Shriram Asset Management Co Ltd 27-May-94 47.09 1 Indian Private 30-Jun-18
Sundaram Asset Management Company Ltd 26-Feb-96 32,788.80 20 71 Indian Private 30-Jun-18
Tata Asset Management Ltd 15-Mar-94 49,220.58 31 45 Indian Private 30-Jun-18
Taurus Asset Management Company Limited 27-Jul-93 451.83 9 2 Indian Private 30-Jun-18
Union Trustee Company Pvt Ltd 30-Dec-09 4,432.89 11 2 Joint Venture Indian 30-Jun-18
UTI Asset Management Company Ltd 14-Nov-02 153,183.13 41 145 Others 30-Jun-18

Last Updated: 30th September 2018
Next Update On: 31st December 2018
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