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The unbiased risk ratings and benchmarks of popular mutual funds in India

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CRISIL Ranking is based on global best practices. CMFR covers various categories across equity, debt and hybrid asset classes. Unlike most other ranking models, which are based purely on returns or net asset value (NAV), CMFR uses a combination of NAV and portfolio-based attributes for evaluation. This provides a single point analysis of mutual funds, taking into consideration key parameters such as risk-adjusted returns, asset concentration, liquidity analysis and asset quality.

This rating however cannot point you towards a fund with higher return potential, nor can it be an ideal performance indicator, due to the unpredictable market fluctuations. Our team of advisors can guide you on using other assessment metrics and accordingly suggest investment options. Call us to know more!

Last Updated: 15th July 2018

The risk level re-categorization would be updated as and when new ratings are released, which is done approximately once every quarter

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